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snickers the mAS

This is Snickers official webpage to help promote her rescue.  

Snickers has been missing since January, 2021.  I am her mommy, and we want her home.  She is unfamiliar with NM and needs some help finding her way home. We have had many wonderful people helping with flyers, checking out sightings, and helping with cameras and feeding stations.  However, the handler hasn't done anything to help these volunteers, the group that I had organize to help find her, or myself.  We have over $18,000 in expenses from attorneys fees to hold the handler responsible to hiring a tracker, making items and sending to NM, and putting her being lost on paid services like Pawboost and Pet FBI.  The volunteers and myself have worked 24-7 to find Snickers without the help of the handler.  The handler told people he would pay for everything, and I told him he was ultimately responsible.  However, we have not seen a dime or our beloved dog.  We were told by him not to contact him again.  This is NOT the story that the handler is telling everyone.  We are appalled at the stories that have transpired after the fact.

She dropped off the planet after being told by the handler that she was lost at 12:42 AM Tuesday, January 13, 2021.  We still have faith that someone has her, and they just don't know how to bring her home.  We will do no harm to the person that might have her. We just want her home.  

If you would like to help, click on the Facebook link below or email me at

who is snickers?  What should you look for?


  • Miniature American Shepherd aka Mini Aussie

  • about 17" tall at shoulders

  • distinctive black ring (horseshoe)around her left eye

  • both eyes are blue; but right eye has a brown area on the top right hand corner

  • trim is white and copper but copper is more buff


  • OWNED SOLELY BY KAREN KOLLMER with proper registration.  No one else can claim this dog as theirs.

Snickers head shot2.JPG

how can you help?

Download my flyer if you want to print and post in your neighborhood or anywhere you may go.

Bring the flyers to vet clinics, pet stores, grocery stores, coffee shops, major intersections (anywhere there is foot traffic). Click the link below. 


If you can physically go to a shelter that would be huge help to look for her. They don’t post all dogs online and all surrounding areas are too vast to go at it alone. She could be anywhere (even outside of NM) by now.


SHARE SHARE SHARE, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, and any other way. Tell your neighbors. Have them tell their neighbors. Be aware of all the animals in your area and spot missing dogs. Asking questions isn't a bad thing, it leads to positive communications in most cases.

TAG your local veterinarian friends when sharing our Facebook page or website. Ask them to keep an eye out in case Snickers checks in somewhere.

TAG your local teacher friends. Ask them to print a flyer and post on staff bulletin boards, share with kids during morning announcements and morning meetings.


Troll websites where dogs may be sold (craigslist, other websites that sell dogs, FB marketplace, whatever you can think of).

If you recently purchased a dog from a private party or rescue, please contact your nearest vet to see if the dog looks like Snickers. Maybe the one you actually have or your neighbor has is Snickers and she is safe to return for the reward!

Awareness is a good thing that came out of Snickers' disappearance.  Let's all be aware of many missing dogs out there that need to find their families.

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