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The Full Story


PER a TAPE RECORDING we secured from a person who entered into a phone conversation with the handler at his request.  We also have documentation in private message to support that the information is false and defamatory towards our dog as well as us as her family.  At no time did we "TELL", "DEMAND", OR "REQUIRE" the handler to do things that were not agreed on by the rescue group.  We have had a HUGE amount of drama looking for our dog, because the false information spread by the handler who wanted to be the only one making decisions NOT the rescue group or ourselves.  Note:  We are currently in legal proceedings to hold this handler accountable for his words said and actions of losing our dog called dereliction of duty.

Snickers was lost by a handler just 22 minutes after arriving in Edgewood, NM from Virginia on January 12, 2021.  She was supposed to be delivered to the handlers address multiple times, but didn't not answer the transporters requests in phone calls, text messages, and private messages.  He finally contacted them and changed the location of pick up to a client of his in Las Lunos, 45 minutes away from his house.  This was not conveyed by the handler.  All I got from transporter was that she was delivered safely.  He had to either drive their "AFTER WORK" (which we didn't know he worked a job as well, or someone had to bring her to him. 

The handler posted on a Facebook group at 7:00 PM that she was running down Lexco and if anyone saw her to please call him.  He never mentioned anything on that post that he was looking for her just for others to contact him if he saw Snickers.   I have documentation of this post. 

Per the recording:   He walked to the gate from the house side.  He opened the gate to get a package on the ground.  The chain in his hand dropped with the package, and Snickers "the dog as he called her" pulled back and the leash slipped over her head.  He chased her in his yard to try to catch her, but was not successful.  At some point, she got out of the yard some way (not disclosed) and ran down the road which he pursued her with his truck.  He could not find her.  He portrayed her as a skitsy dog, yet no one that has ever handled her has said this about her.  We were told this as well in private messages and a brief call on Jan. 22, 2021 which was only 5 minutes long.  I got a 19 minute phone call on January 13, 12:43 AM est.  Sunset was 5:13 PM that day.  Remember, we have no clue how she was transported to his location.  She was supposed to be delivered to his location around 9-10 am per the transporters.  However, that was changed without my consent.  

On January 13, 2021 at 10:02 AM est, no one answered his phone. I was calling to check up on the situation.  His girlfriend did respond to me in PM stating that all his phones were at the house charging while he was out looking for her in his truck.  Who doesn't have a phone charger in their vehicle???


On January 13, 2021 at 8:27 PM est well after sunset, the handler posted that he found Snickers and needed help capturing her.  He stated, in the recording to the caller, that he had 13 people there to help find her.  He stated that a person named Chance which is an employee at that location told him to leave the property or the owner was going to shoot the dog. He said he will let him know if anything happens but do not come on the property.  He told the caller that I told him to sneak on the property at 11 Bar Ranch Rd and set up cameras. (He had no cameras) He told the caller he would not do it.  He proceeded to state that I asked him to take a bullet for the dog if need be. He proceeded to bring my husband into his conversation stating that he would get on the property with a smile and have a shoot out if needed.

FACT:  There is nothing documenting this conversation nor did the conversation transpired in the 8  minutes I was on the call with the handler.  We don't own guns.  I knew nothing about this event until I saw it on his girlfriends Facebook.    In fact, he was talking to his girlfriend about the location as I was on the phone.  I was not going to fly there, but only stated previously my husband could come out to help in the search if time permitted due to his job. Fact, I told him that Conrad from Team Frijoles was going to call him that night to discuss what his role was in the search of Snickers.  Conrad told me all he did was whine about Snickers and what a headache it was that this happened.  He told Conrad he didn't want to talk to him as he did have a headache and hung up. Fact, in private messages I told him "I" had contacted Animal Control and no one else contacted them about Snickers.  Fact, I asked him to sign out a trap from Torrance County for use and to follow those guidelines which is all in private messages.  Fact, no one told him my husband was going to shoot people, and Chance was the owner of the property.  Fact, Conrad did call the rancher.  The rancher didn't want traps set up due to the livestock on his property.  The rancher said he would be able to see her if she goes by a camera they have on their property which is monitored by the rancher's wife. Fact, the rancher did put down food and water for Snickers in an opened building.  Fact, the rancher was not sure this was Snickers.  He thought it was his dog and went to check.  However, the dog he saw disappeared from that location.

FACT:  The following day on January 14, 2021 at 10:57 am our time, (however the time in NM was 8:57am which is time to arrive at work or around that time)  I called to see if there were any updates, and if he had found her.  He said he drove up and down Lexco  and on the 11 Bar Ranch Rd, but saw nothing.  He either went to work, or proceeded to the dog show.  He told me that he would not answer all my calls as he has to work and do conference calls.   This conversation was 11 minutes long. 

FALSE STATEMENT BY HANDLER TO CALLER: Per the recording, the event changed dramatically by the handler to make him the victim.  In the entire conversation, he couldn't call our dog her name, Snickers.  He called her "the mini" or "the dog".  In this recording, he stated that I told him to go from vet to vet to get as much tranquilizers that he could.  He said he went to EM Vet Services and the vet told him he could lose his license.  He said I said to put this drug in her food and wait until she collapses.  Then he said I said to pick her up, take her to the vet, and get the drug reversed.  He said I said he would have time.  

At no time did he tell the caller what this stuff was, what was the "AMOUNT" of the drug he was giving other than he stated I told him to put in the food he was feeding her.   I have never heard such a thing ever in my 60 years of life.  This is is horrifying if he is thinking to do this himself.

An interesting twist of events transpired with the handler without us being involved in the conversation per the recording made between the caller and handler. FACT:  This conversation is not documented on my phone log or in PM, yet he said I called him.  There was never a call made after the one above on that day, January 14, 2021.  FALSE ALLEGATIONS:  He told the caller that I told him to ask one of his LEO or AC friends if he could get a tranquilizer gun.  If an officer didn't give the gun to him, to bribe the officer  with $200-300 to use it for the weekend.  FACT:  On the initial phone call from the handler on January 13, 2021 at 12:43 AM, we did tell him to discuss options with AC in the morning and see if it was possible to use a dart gun if they can not get close enough to secure her.  We have seen them used on dogs who they couldn't capture in the local area and on the news.  If possible, they could secure her without a lot of stress on Snickers given she was chased over and over by the handler.  FACT:  At no time did we tell him to do this, it was only a suggestion made after I was called in the middle of the night!  This conversation was also relayed to the rescue group the following day who said that they no longer use dart guns on animals due to the possibility of them running out in front of cars and getting killed in addition that if they miss, they would run every time they saw a gun of any form .  I was unaware, and quickly agreed.  However, the handler made himself the victim again and slandered our name and dog in the recording with an event that NEVER happened except a suggestion to contact AC for options. He never called any shelter or Animal Control office.  I called every AC and shelter in the area and kept them up to date.


FACT:  On January 14, 2021 at 5:00 PM in a FB PM, the handler told me in a group private message that he was going out of town, and that his girlfriend and another friend 'could' check out only verified sightings and would not be available otherwise.  He was on the way to a dog show which was written in PM until the following Monday. I asked why he was going to a dog show and not staying there to look for my dog which he hadn't been doing.  The conversation got violate very quickly.  He accused me of not doing enough as well as his girlfriend.  They continually told me ignore Covid restriction mandates and to fly or drive to the area to find her.  They belittle our actions that we did over the entire week which were legend.   He told me to come get my FUCKING dog and not to contact him again.  He lost the dog, did very little to look for her, and played the victim in the situation.  Snickers is the victim of dereliction of duty by the handler.  

In this taped recorded phone conversation, he openly admits he LOST the dog.  He also told the caller he was responsible if she was not returned.  He never used Snickers name at any point in that conversation.

FACT:  There were no other conversations after that point until:

January 22, 5:10 PM est for 12 minutes asking for reconciliation

January 22, 7:55 PM, called me back again for 8 minutes


January 22, 8:06 PM for 5 minutes

FACT:  All these calls were following up on a possible sighting of Snickers on the I40 on ramp at Rt. 41.  He drove to Abraham aka Frontage Rd to see if he could see her, but this was not the dog.  It was a heeler.  He took pictures and forwarded to me in private messages.  He only went there after I told him.

January 23, 2021, 1:42 PM

FACT:  During this call, which he called me, he called telling me that he didn't want to tell me but the coordinator of the rescue was going to keep my dog.  He said she said that she was going to keep her, microchip in her name, spay, and send to a new home.  He said all she was putting out for Snickers to eat was bacon grease.  He said two of his clients heard the conversation.  He said he was going to talk really bad about me to get her to friend him in order to get Snickers.  He also told me one of his clients would let him use their plane to personally fly her to me.  I told him that the "friending" thing is dishonest and not how you approach a person wanting to take something.  I said I don't want the negativity directed towards me.  I played along with this as I didn't think it was remotely true.  I did tell the volunteer, and she said that was absolutely not true.  After that conversation, I didn't trust the handler again.  I did tell him to start making more big posters and start putting everywhere.  He said he would have the office ladies do that for him.   This never happened.  All the team volunteers did all that work.  No posters were put up by the handler.  I also asked if he was staying in his truck in areas to watch for her.  He didn't do that either. 


January 24, 2021, he was back to not following through to look for her. 

10:30 AM missed his call. 

10:31 AM I returned his call which lasted 4 minutes.

1:54 PM I called no answer. 

Phone calls:  January 25, 2021

12:21 PM missed the call

12:56 PM 28 minute conversation.  This was the last conversation we had with the handler.  He did not follow through with what he said he would do.  I gave him instructions during this call on how to make posters and where to pass out flyers.  No of this happened.

The handler told a lot of people that he would pay for our travel out to NM during the pandemic.  He also said in the recording that he would pay for a rental car as well as hotel for 2 months in order for me to find her.  This was never relayed to me. He didn't even pay for our expenses to find Snickers.   

It all  goes back to who lost my dog.  I have a job that can't be done in NM.  I have a family (kids in school) to take care of as well as other animals.  My husband goes all over the US and internationally.  I could not leave our state, because the mandate of that state required that no one could enter without quarantine if they are from a state with higher than a 5% rate of infection.  Our area was 16%.  That means, I would have to quarantine for a 1/2 of a month before doing anything.  It is fact, that the handler and his girlfriend told me not to follow that mandate nor wear a mask and to come get my dog.  When both were uncivil, I told the handler to speak to my husband from that point on as the profanity and accusations were over the top.  Then more accusations occured as well as calling other people in the dog industry to tell "his" side of the story.

The drama that we have had to endure for the last 8 months has been brutal.  We have heard of the "story" being told to everyone possible by the handler to save his reputation.  People are still sending dogs knowing that he lost mine from not taking proper care of her while in his possession.  How doesn't secure the dog in the house away from other dogs for the first few days until they feel comfortable?  Most people and handlers do.  If your child was abused by a babysitter, and someone you knew secured that babysitter for their child, would you not warn them?  We have warned but many do not believe the situation.   He has not paid a dime to help rescue Snickers or look for her, but the rescue group as well as volunteers and us have worked endlessly to find our girl.  All we get from him was that he was a "victim" and slanderous comments told to everyone.  

At this point, we had a lot of calls that were verified not her.  We had many people vigorously to help find Snickers.  The handler continually failed to interact with the rescue group, made up false allegations, and did not give the rescue group important information when working to rescue Snickers.  We were available at all times, continually were frustrated with the lack of care about our dog Snickers as it was an inconvenience, and had to repair our reputation due to his false statements.  While he continued to go to shows, he did very little if anything to look for our dog.  When communicating all he cared about was making him the center, answered to him, didn't help make any posters or take time to look for Snickers during daylight hours.  

Because we are at the point of Justice for Snickers, we wanted everyone to know most of the comments made by this person.  These are not all, but they are the biggest and most hideous ones of all.  

She still has not been found.  We are in the belief that a person has her due to the lack of any form of sighting, since the time he lost her.  We still are unsure if the dog at 11 Bar Ranch Rd was her.  Hopefully, we will have more sightings and have faith that she will come home soon.

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